November Wish List!


I have always loved monthly wish list posts, but never quite pushed myself to make them as I am usually always overwhelmed by the amount of things that I want-with so many beauty and fashion products on the market, my mental wish lists never end. 

However, I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to make more organized lists and plan out the products that I want to try, in a hopeful attempt to help save money and prevent too many impulse buys. 

I tried to keep this month’s wish list to a 5-item minimum, focusing on products that I mostly need, with one that is more of a “nice to have.” 

  1. Black batwing/oversized cardigan: I am in a desperate shortage of black sweaters and/or cardigans. I’m in love with the oversized sweater trend this fall, and I love the chic aspect that a batwing style offers. 
  2. Mac Nightmoth lip liner: I’ve been obsessed with dark, berry lips, and a good lip liner is a necessity to a successful dark lip! 
  3. Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment: Cold weather makes my lips dreadfully dry. The superbalm is a sort of thick gloss-texture, that absorbs beautifully into the lips and helps hydrate! 
  4. Mac Fluidline Gel Liner: I’ve almost used up the SST Cosmetics gel liner that I received in my kit through school, but I’m definitely looking for a new one. I’ve heard amazing things about the Fluidline! 
  5. Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow palette: This is more of a “nice to have.” The colours look absolutely beautiful, and I’ve heard so many good reviews on Lorac palettes. I love the shimmery colours…I might not be able to resist this one! 

What are some products that you’d like this November? 

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I'm a certified makeup artist, working in the beauty industry for over 5 years as a makeup artist, skincare specialist, social media captain, and educator. I'm a serious travel, food, photography, and makeup enthusiast! I strive to share my passion with my readers, and connect with other creators and brands!

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