Halloween Makeup

I had hoped to put together an amazing costume with full, crazy makeup. Then life decided to get in the way, and I got sick yesterday. I strongly contemplated not doing anything for a costume-something about coughing up a storm and sticking tissues up your nose can be a huge buzz kill.

Yet, I knew that I would regret not dressing up. Halloween only comes once a year, and it truly is one of my favourite times of the year. I had been so excited, and looking forward to Halloween since the spring time. So I forced myself to get off the couch, take some cold medicine, and put a costume together.

I decided to go for a ghoul/witch vibe, wearing a long black maxi dress with a sheer, long black robe over top (thanks for keeping all your clothes from the 80’s and 90’s, mom!)

As for the makeup, I knew I wanted to go for a paler look with extreme contouring, and something creepy on the eyes.


I used white face paint (a cheap kind from a Halloween backdrops Store, which I definitely won’t be purchasing again-hard to blend, not a nice texture!) And set it with a light translucent powder from Cover FX. For the brows, I went over them with a glue stick and concealer prior to the white face paint to help neutralize and hide my eyebrows.

For the eyes, I lined my top and bottom water line with a red pencil liner by LancĂ´me, and then used a red pigment by Mac and pressed that into my lower lash line and just above my top lash line. I then used “Blackout” from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and blended that along my top lid and crease area, as well using it to contour my nose, cheeks, and under eye area. I blended a little more of the red pigment into the cheek contour. I also dusted some white eyeshadow on to my lashes to make them look more pale and creepy.

For the brows, I used a black gel liner by SST Cosmetics with a fine tipped eyeliner brush. For the lips, I used a black Smashbox eyeliner to line my lips, and blended the lines inward. I went overtop with “Diva” by Mac.

To complete the look, I teased my hair like crazy! I scared a few trick-or-treaters, which I take as a sign of success! It didn’t turn out exactly how I had imagined, but for a last-minute look I was relatively pleased with it!

What did you guys do for Halloween? I’d love to see some of your looks!

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