First Attempt At Special Effects Makeup!

I know, I know, It’s already Halloween and I’m only JUST starting to play around with Halloween makeup. I had wanted to start about a month ago, but I’ve been so busy with work that time has seemed to just fly by without my knowledge. Where has October gone??

Along with the disappointment of not having the time to practice with special effects makeup, I’m also incredibly disappointed at my current lack of a Halloween costume. 

I had so many ideas, and I thought that I had so much time to create an awesome costume. But, as usual, time whizzed by and before I knew it, It was October 30th. It looks like this year will be yet again a last-minute costume. 

Despite all that disappointment, I did happen to stop by a halloween and costume store last night to pick up some different makeup products! After doing some research and talking to the associates about what products are best suited for a newbie in the special effects makeup world, I left with:

  • liquid latex
  • nose & scar wax
  • wax sealer
  • white & black face paint
  • bruise/wound color paint wheel
  • fake blood gel
  • spirit gum & spirit gum remover 

I started playing around with the products, trying to get a feel for the different textures and how they work! 


These were created with the scar wax, which was surprisingly not as terribly difficult to work with as I had expected. I definitely need to work on blending out the edges, as well as experimenting with covering the products with foundation to blend it out better. 


The second wound was created with small pieces of tissue layered with liquid latex. I then ripped a hole in the tissue and pushed the edges inwards to create those rounded edges and make it look like a deeper wound. It’s definitely pretty rough with a lot of flaws, but for my first attempt I don’t think it’s too terrible! 

I had so much fun playing around with these products, I can’t wait to try more things! Even though Halloween is almost over, I anticipate that my practice has only just begun! I sense that I’m starting to have a love affair with special effects/surreal makeup! 

This shall hopefully be one attempt of many more to come! 


Do you guys have any tips for those of us just beginning to enter the world of special effects makeup? 

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