Avant-garde Makeup Class!

Last night’s makeup artistry class was an absolute blast. It was an “avant-garde” or “anything goes” class in which we got to experiment with any look we wanted-the crazier, the better.

Everyone had so much fun and did an amazing job; it was truly wonderful to see the uniqueness and creativity of everyone in the class.

For my look, I had thought about using stickers/gems/false lashes, but then decided that I wanted to practice with just makeup-pigments, colours, etc. to see what kind of a look I could create by doing so.

As an avid sci-fi lover and enthusiast of all things weird, I wanted to create some sort of alien/other-worldly inspired look. As I’ve recently fallen in love with pigments, I knew I would have a blast trying to come up with something.

This was the look that I created, using MAC and Lise Watier Pigments, Lise Watier Transmorfix, Lancome kohl brown kohl eyeliner, brown & black  eyeshadow, and red lipstick: avantegardecollage

Everyone did such a great job! Some other looks that were completed:


Everyone did such an amazing job. It really inspired me to start experimenting with more avant-gard looks!




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