Makeup Artistry Class!

I’ve been attending MC College’s Makeup Artistry program for a couple of weeks now. 

Getting my makeup artistry certification is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. In such a huge and competitive industry, being taken seriously and making progress can be a seriously daunting and difficult task. It seemed like a distant goal; something I hoped for but was never sure I could actually accomplish. 

Then my university transfer application was delayed, and I decided that I would have to postpone returning to my Bachelor of Arts program for a semester. I was initially disappointed, but then realized that it meant I would have time to study makeup and get my certification. 

The class has been absolutely fantastic. Learning theory, proper sanitary practices, techniques, and of course, plenty of demonstrations and practice. 

There are so many talented girls in the class, it’s absolutely wonderful to be in a class surrounded by people who share the same passion as I do.

Our instructor is incredible: she has years of experience and is so energetic. She inspires all of us with her passion for makeup and beauty. I look forward to a time when I can look back at where I started, and remember how her teaching helped me to pursue my dreams. 

She did a beautiful demonstration of bridal makeup:


Wednesday’s class was our turn to do bridal makeup. I got the opportunity to be partnered with a lovely girl who also happens to be named Megan. She did a beautiful job on my makeup (unfortunately we forgot to take a picture.) Her blue eyes were wonderful to work with. Here’s the soft bridal look I completed on her: 


Unfortunately the colours didn’t show up as well as I would have liked, though I suppose that tends to happen with phone cameras. 

I went for more of a gold look to make the blue in her eyes pop, and blended a soft brown into the crease. 


I’ve already learned so much, and have gained so much confidence in my ability to do makeup. I can’t wait to finish the course and become a certified makeup artist! 

I will definitely be doing more class-related posts in the weeks to come 🙂 

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I'm a certified makeup artist, working in the beauty industry for over 5 years as a makeup artist, skincare specialist, social media captain, and educator. I'm a serious travel, food, photography, and makeup enthusiast! I strive to share my passion with my readers, and connect with other creators and brands!

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