Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream First Impression Review


To summarize: 

Coverage: light to medium, easily buildable (much more coverage than you would expect it to have)

Texture/consistency: Thick; smooth. Similar to a whipped foundation

Finish: Natural to Dewy

Benefits: contains SPF, evens skin tone, covers exceptionally well for a “non-foundation”, moisturizes, oil-free

Price Range: $39

Pros: lightweight, great coverage, moisturizing, lasts well over 5 hours, helps improve skin appearance and texture

Cons: only available in 5 shades

I am always on the hunt for new face products, particularly those that will benefit and help to improve my skin rather than just cover imperfections.

With so many different products on the market, finding one that is best suited for your skin type can be an extremely tedious process. Foundations, tinted moisturizers, BB creams, concealers, where is one to start?

Now you might be wondering: what on earth is a CC cream? Are they just using random letters of the alphabet to name products now?

“CC”, in most cases, stands for “colour correction,” whereas “BB” typically stands for “blemish balm.”

BB creams are usually lightweight moisturizers with a hint of colour, and beneficial/healing properties depending on the kind. (Clinique’s BB Cream has anti-aging properties and is most beneficial to those with oilier skin)

CC Creams take the concept of BB creams a step further, by adding extra colour correction to even out skin tone and help solve problems such as redness and discolouration. CC Creams are meant to be lighter than a foundation, combining colour correction and moisture.

I had never really tried many Clinique products previously, but recently received a few samples of different product, the CC cream being one of them. The Clinique associate informed me that their CC cream is geared towards those with drier skin (I have struggled with severely dry skin and eczema my entire life)

I was given the shade “Light” and, never having tried a CC cream or many BB creams for that matter,  wasn’t too sure what to expect.

I was definitely surprised with its texture, as it was significantly thicker than I had anticipated. I was under the misconception that all BB and CC creams would be of a thinner, more liquid consistency.

The Clinique CC cream has a thick, almost whipped consistency to it. At first I thought that I had accidentally been given the wrong sample; surely a lightweight CC cream couldn’t be that thick, as I had never before seen that consistency in a product that claims to be lightweight.

I shrugged, and applied it to my skin. Despite it’s thickness, it applied really well. Super smooth, and slightly cooling on the skin. It was not liquidy in the slightest, and truly felt like a light-almost whipped-foundation.

The product seems to take a little more work to blend in comparison to thinner products with a more liquid consistency.

Online it says that the product can be worn under foundation. I’m not sure if I would recommend that as the coverage is medium and buildable on its own, but layering is definitely a possibility and something I shall have to try.

Coverage: sheer to moderate (or so it says) but I personally found the coverage to be more on the medium side. It looks and has the consistency of a foundation, but feels like a tinted moisturizer on the skin.

The finish is really nice, I haven’t noticed it settling into my pores or creases, and has really added an extra moisture boost to my skin.

While it was not at all what I was expecting, I am absolutely pleasantly surprised. I have never been a fan of thin coverage, and constantly struggle to find a product that is really lightweight and moisturizing, yet still helps cover my imperfections.

This CC cream does exactly that: it is the kind of product that I have been searching for for months. I will most definitely keep trying this product and am exceptionally optimistic about it. I have a feeling that this might be my new holy-grail product for the lighter makeup days. After all, who doesn’t want beautiful skin without feeling like they’re wearing layers upon layers of makeup?

Clinique CC Cream, where have you been all my life?!

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