Victoria’s Secret Luminous Mineral Blush Duo Review!

A while ago, I had seen a gorgeous mineralized blush duo from Mac, consisting of half shimmery peach, and the other half a darker color for bronzing. I absolutely fell in love with it, but unfortunately it was a limited edition item and I could never find it again.
Then, I happened to stumble upon a product that is almost identical from Victoria’s Secret!
They actually have a fantastic beauty line, for those of you who have considered it only as a source of lingerie.

It’s called the Luminous Mineral Blush Duo, in “Pleasure.”


The product itself is gorgeous; shimmery, pigmented, and fairly long-lasting for a great price. I’ve been using it for the last week, trying it in combination with my Too Faced bronzer, and also just by itself as a blush.

I prefer my blush and bronzer to be more on the subtle side, but you can definitely build the product really easily. This is what it looks like on my skin (in the second image, I used a bit of my Too Faced bronzer for a bit more of a glowy look)


While I do love my Mac blushes probably more than anything, this VS Mineral Blush is truly a great product, and is definitely very affordable.

Have you guys tried any makeup from Victoria’s Secret? What are your thoughts?

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