The Gingerbread Challenge – Collab (Blogmas 2016 Day 8)

Blogmas Day 8 is something i’ve been looking forward to for over a month! I collaborated with my best friend Claudia and we did 2 challenge videos! On my channel, we did the Gingerbread House challenge, and on her channel we did the Christmas Carol challenge!

For this challenge, we each got a gingerbread house making kit and competed to see who could make the best house! Is it just me, or is building a gingerbread house way more difficult than when we were children?

We had so much fun doing this, and it definitely helped put us into the Christmas mood! Make sure to vote (the poll will be in the video!) and don’t forget to check out Claudia’s video!

Who do you think won this gingerbread challenge?


Claudia’s links: 


YouTube Channel

Snapchat or @claudiaa_16

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Lush Holiday 2016 Collection (Blogmas 2016 Day 7)


For Blogmas Day 7, I wanted to include a roundup of the Lush holiday collection! Lush is one of my absolute favourite brands, because of the quality of products and what they stand for. Natural truly is best when it comes to skincare – our skin really doesn’t know what to do with artificial/chemical ingredients. Our cells have difficulty absorbing and utilizing ingredients with an overly chemical composition. With natural ingredients, like essential oils and extracts, our cells know what they are and what to do with them! That’s where Lush really excels! They use mostly all incredible natural ingredients in all of their products. Another aspect that is extremely important to me is their stance on animal testing! Lush is completely cruelty free, and actively fights animal testing. Mostly all of their products are vegan-friendly too!

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 12.44.57 AM.png

The holiday collection is huge, featuring both permanent, limited edition, repromoted, and new products!

Lush is famous for their bath products, so naturally their holiday collection would include a cornucopia of bath melts, bombs, and fizzes!

lush holiday bath bomb.jpg

New launches: Shoot For The Stars, Never Mind The Ballistics, Mistletoe, Northern Lights, and Snowie

Also famous for their soaps, they added some exciting new soaps to their collection! They also have body scrubs, roulades, and shower gels and jellies!


Santa’s Postbox, Papa Noel, Igloo, Yog Log, and Candy Cane are new!

My personal favourite of their holiday products are their body conditioners and creams!

lush-holiday-bodySleepy and Snow Fairy are new, and I am seriously obsessed. Sleepy has lavender, and is so soothing and calming. I love applying creams like this before bed! Snow Fairy is one of my personal favourites – it’s the same Snow Fairy scent that is well loved, but this year in a body conditioner! Even though it says to be applied in the shower then rinsed off, a Lush employee assured me that it’s totally safe to use a cream. I love to apply it to my arms and elbows before bed! It smells like heavenly cotton candy and bubblegum!


I picked up the Snow Fairy shower gel, matching Body Conditioner, and the Papa Noel Face jelly. I’m also planning to pick up the Fairy Dust Sparkling powder, the Salt and Peppermint Bark scrub, and the Candy Cane roulade!

What were your favourites from the collection?

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Holiday Reading List (Blogmas 2016 Day 6)


For the 6th day of Blogmas, I thought I’d include my holiday reading list! Compiling a list of books I want to read is one of my favourite things to do during the holiday season – perhaps because I rarely have the time to actually do any reading during December, in a weird way it’s like my brain hopes that simply making a list will magically create time to read.

Book shopping has always been one of my absolute favourite past times. I could honestly spend hours in a bookstore and be perfectly content. To me, reading and the holiday season go hand in hand. Or rather I’d like them to, if my Decembers weren’t so painfully busy with work. Few things make me happier than curling up on the couch with a good book, wearing cozy pyjamas while the fire crackles and snow dances outside.

This years reading list is a combination of thrillers, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and more.

What’s on your reading list this year?

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Welcome To Blogmas! (2016)

Winter Makeup Look – A ColourPop #MotD (Blogmas 2016 Day 5)

For the 5th day of Blogmas, I thought I would include a makeup look that I created recently using some of the ColourPop shadows I got in my recent haul! You can see all the products I got, and my reviews of them here!


Red and orange tones are very in this season, as seen in many new palettes such as the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.

Tones like this can seem a little intimidating, but when used sparingly they add a really gorgeous warm pop to the eyes! If you have hazel eyes like I do, they will also make your eyes appear more green! If you’re wanting to branch into using more red, oranges, and pinks, I think the key is to use them in moderation. A more neutral shimmery shade on the lid, mixed with the reddish tones in the outer corner or in the crease can be a nice middle-ground!


On the eyes: 

  • Lise Watier CC Eyeshadow Primer
  • ColourPop “Weenie” (inner part of lid), “Muse” (middle of lid, blended into outer corner), “Paradox” (in outer corner and a little bit in the crease), “Shop” and “Tang” (blended into the crease)
  • Maybelline Master Precise Skinny Eyeliner in black
  • Kiss #11 False Lashes
  • Lise Watier Velours eyeliner in “Brun Velours”
  • NYX Micro Brow Pencil “Dark Brown”
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel


On the face: 

  • Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer
  • Urban Decay All Nighter foundation mixed with IT Cosmetics CC + foundation (gives me full coverage and all day wear, while being more hydrating and comfortable!)
  • Kat Von D Lock It Concealer
  • Pür 4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Powder
  • Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette
  • Lise Watier Arabesque Illuminating trio highlighter
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette (Holiday 2016) “Icon” mixed with “Concept”

On the lips: 

  • Kylie Cosmetics “Candy K” lip liner
  • ColourPop “Alyssa” Ultra Satin Lip, with “Bestie” Ultra Glossy lip over top



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Huda Beauty Palette Review (Blogmas 2016 Day 4)

For the fourth day of Blogmas, I wanted to include my review of a palette that has been all over social media lately! Whether you’re thinking of a gift for a makeup lover in your life, or a gift for you (treat yo’ self!) this palette is difficult to find in stores to swatch. It is also on the expensive side, so before taking the plunge to invest in a palette, I always like to look at swatches and reviews!


I figured this would be an ideal time, what with Christmas coming and the upcoming Sephora VIB Holiday Rewards coming up! (Spend a certain amount, get a certain amount off!)

I purchased the palette during the Sephora VIB Rouge sale, and got it for 20% off! This was a palette I knew that I desperately wanted as soon as I saw photos circulating the internet. I was immediately intrigued by the shades and foiled textures! I had read some mixed reviews – while most were very positive, some people seemed to receive defective palettes.

The palette features 18 shades of varying textures: mattes, metallic foils, and pressed pearlescent shimmers. It retails for $65 US, and $85 Canadian. While that seems like a hefty price, you do get 18 shades – it works out to about $4.70 per shadow.


Huda Kattan, an entrepreneur and beauty guru recently launched her own makeup line, and this is her debut palette! I think it’s such a unique palette with the pink and red shades, especially combined with the metallic foil textures!

As for the textures, sephora describes them as followed:

3D Metal eye shadow:

  • Dubai (smoky bronze)
  • Fling (sparkly cranberry)
  • 24K (lavish gold), Rose Gold (rose gold)
  • Trust Fund (ritzy copper)
  • Blessed (vintage gold)

Chromatic pressed pearls eye shadow

  • Angelic (sweet pink with gold reflections)
  • Moon Dust (astral gold illumination)

Saturated Matte eye shadow

  • Bossy (bold maroon clay)
  • Flamingo (dashing pink)
  • Shy (delicate dusty pink)
  • BAE (cream-colored base)
  • Black Truffle (decadent black)
  • Suede (smooth transition gray)
  • Coco (bark brown)
  • Maneater (ruthless mulberry)
  • Henna (warm reddish-brown)
  • Sandalwood (earthy deep tan)


Personally, I find the 3D metals have different textures depending on the shades. Fling and #Blessed have more of a smooth metallic shimmer, with much smaller shimmer particles. Dubai, 24K, Trust Fund and Rose Gold have more of a chunky sparkle. For this reason, they apply best with your finger. Using you finger and smoothing these on the lid give them a gorgeously pigmented metallic-shine finish! It also helps smooth out the metallic chunks. They remind me quite a lot of the Stila Magnificent Metals, but are much easier to apply than the Stila ones.

They also work really well when mixed with a liquid mixing medium (like the Lise Watier Metamorfix, or Stila Liquid Eye Primer). To do this, I like to apply a bit of the liquid to my eyelid, then immediately dab the shadow over top. Using a liquid helps to smooth out the texture, and really kick up the metallic finish!

As for the pigmentation, I am so insanely impressed. A tiny dab into the shadows gives you full colour payoff. You really only need a little! They’ve very blendable and buildable.z

Holiday Beauty Wishlist (Blogmas 2016 Day 3)



In the spirit of the Christmas season (and the upcoming Sephora VIB & VIB Rouge sale!) I thought I’d include a list of new & noteworthy products that have captured my attention. These are some new and exciting products at Sephora that look incredible, many of which would make great gifts for any beauty lover in your life!

Now as a disclaimer, I’m really not a fan of wish lists. Giving people a list of things you want seems a bit materialistic and inorganic to me. I truly don’t believe that Christmas or the Holiday season should be about gifts, wish lists, or sales. That may be somewhat difficult in our very material-driven society, but I think the purpose of gift-giving shouldn’t be “give me a list of all the things you want” but rather “I saw this, and it made me think of you. I thought it might make you happy.”

With that being said, this list was not compiled for the sake of “omg here’s a list of stuff I want please, buy it for me!!” Instead, I compiled this list to show some new & noteworthy items at sephora (with a couple items launching soon to keep an eye out for!) Perhaps you may want to add these items to your own wish lists, or pick them up during the upcoming Sephora VIB sale!

Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette: I have had my eye on this since seeing sneak peeks from the trip that some of the beauty gurus took with Tarte a few months ago! It looks like such a gorgeous and unique palette! I have more palettes than I will ever use up, so while I really don’t need another palette, I’m really trying to add different shades to my collection. This palette is huge and includes some really gorgeous and interesting shades, with purples, pinks, warm, neutral, and cool tones! I will definitely be picking this up during the sale!!


Sunday Riley UFO Ultra Clarifying Face Oil: I have heard amazing things about Sunday Riley, particularly the face oils. My skin is combination-oily currently, and I am very prone to breakouts. My best friend Claudia has been raving about this oil! It’s quite a steep price, and not really in my budget at present. It is something I may consider during the sale though!


Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick: I haven’t tried any of the Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks yet, but I have tried the Rose Gold Palette and her lip liners, and I absolutely love them! I definitely want to try the shades “Medusa,” “Icon,” and “Bombshell.” This is another product Claudia has raved about – I swear, her encouraging me to spend so much on makeup is part of the reason why I’m a Sephora VIB Rouge member.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: Too Faced has been teasing images of their upcoming Sweet Peach collection for a couple of months now, and my anticipation grows with every passing day. The collection features a few different products, all of which supposedly smell like peach! This is a repromoted product – it launched last year, was limited edition, and sold out incredibly fast! I didn’t end up purchasing it then, but I’m strongly considering it now!


NARS Velvet Lip Guide: NARS recently launched these liquid lip products that are supposedly a liquid lipstick/lip lacquer hybrid. NARS describes them as having a semi-matte yet hydrating and comfortable finish. I briefly swatched them in stores and personally I find them to be more of a lip lacquer/long-lasting opaque gloss. I’ve got my eye on the shades “Unlaced,” “Playpen,” and “Bound.”


Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Highlighting Palette: I 100% need to get my hands on this highlighting palette. I’m a huge fan of palettes that are compact yet include a highlight, contour/bronzer, and a blush. They’re perfect for travelling! This collection is supposed to launch online December 15th, and in stores January 6th.


Tarte Tarteist Toolbox Brush Set & Magnetic Palette: Tarte is seriously killing it with all these new launches and holiday products. I purchased the holiday brush set from last year (review here!) and was so happy I did. These brush sets are an incredible value for anyone wanting to build their brush collection, and make excellent gifts!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario: Mario Dedanovic (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist who has quickly become one of the most famous makeup artists in the industry, and one of my personal favourites) recently collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills to create a gorgeous eyeshadow palette. It is no longer available at sephora, but may return for a second round. While I couldn’t justify purchasing it at the time, I still find myself thinking about it. It it returns to Sephora, I may not be able to resist!

Cover FX The Perfect Light Highlighting Powder: Cover FX has been doing a ton of revamping recently. They launched their Custom Highlight Drops, which have been taking social media by storm. I recently tried them in the shade “Moonlight” and fell in love. These Highlighting powders are brand new, and are supposed to offer a much more subtle, soft glow. This product is currently sitting in my Sephora online cart, eagerly waiting for the sale!


What products are on your wish list this year?

ColourPop Holiday Haul – Blogmas 2016 Day 2

ColourPop recently had a free shipping promotion! As the expensive shipping to Canada was really my only complaint with ColourPop, I definitely couldn’t resist stocking up on some goodies! For the second day of Blogmas, I thought I would include a full review with swatches of each item I ordered. If you’re thinking of ordering – either for yourself or as a gift – perhaps this will help you!

I hope you enjoy! Merry Blogging, everyone!



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Welcome To Blogmas! (2016)


I’ve been in a bit of a blogging funk lately – any fellow writers or bloggers out there will likely understand the pain of the inevitable writer’s-block that strikes every once in a while. You may be thinking “isn’t attempting to blog every single day during one of the busiest months of the year a terrible way to combat writer’s block?” And you would be completely right.

If you are new to Blogmas, it’s basically a blogging challenge in which you post every single day in December until Christmas! That’s right, 25 consecutive daily posts. Did I mention that I work 2 jobs? I may be in way over my head, but I shall attempt it regardless!  If anything, I’m hoping it will force me to push through this unfortunate creative block and get back into my groove!

I participated in Blogmas last year, and despite how challenging it was, I truly loved it and felt so good about being able to see it through. It also really helped me to get into the holiday spirit.

Here’s a look at my Blogmas 2015:

blogmas 2015 collage

This year, you can expect more makeup looks/tutorials, gift ideas, skincare tips, and recipes! I’m also hoping to add plenty of plant-based holiday food inspiration!

Stay tuned, and happy blogging!

Morphe Me Monthly Brush Club – November Brushes


This month’s Morphe Me brush review is a tad late (ironically the month the package arrives early happens to be the month I’m crazy busy with work!) but I figured late is always better than never!

The November brush package is called “Friendsgiving” and is themed based off the American Thanksgiving Holiday! As a thank you, Morphe included a bonus Blending Sponge!

This month’s package includes:


  • The M528 Pointed Contour: made with natural goat hair bristles, this tapered brush is ideal for contour or highight. It’s relatively dense, and the tapered point makes it great for sculpting out a precise contour, or for adding some highlighter to your cheekbones! I love to use brushes like this by dipping them in a bit of loose powder, and using it to clean up my contour or blush!


  • M517 Jumbo Crease: this brush is also made of natural goat hair, and is definitely more of a unique shape. It’s a thicker, wider, and generally larger than the average pencil brush. It’s dense with a slightly rounded tip, so it’s great for blending out colours in the crease, or to soften/buff out harsh lines.


  • M551 Tapered Powder Brush: This is the brush I was most excited to receive! It’s another natural hair brush with Sable bristles. This brush is fluffy, large, and perfect for powder, blush, or bronzer. This is almost an exact dupe to the Mac 150 Powder Brush. I love my Mac 150, and use it every single day for bronzer or for a light, quick contour. I really wanted another brush with this shape! Not to mention the Morphe M551 is about 1/3 of the price!


  • Flawless Beauty Sponge: included as a bonus, this is a soft sponge made for applying cream or liquid foundations, and blending in concealer. It’s similar in use and feel to the Beauty Blender or Real Techniques sponges. It’s slightly firmer, and the shape takes a little getting used to. I can’t decide yet whether I prefer this to my Real Techniques sponge, but for the price it works really well! I can always use more sponges like this, as I use them everyday!



If you’re thinking of joining the subscription, don’t forget to use my link – we both get a free brush if you do!

You can subscribe here! 


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October 2016 On Instagram

While I’m always sad to say goodbye to October (because I am in fact Wednesday Addams at heart) something about the Holiday season always warms my heart. My October consisted mainly of working, with a smidge of spookiness dispersed throughout (and of course obsessing over some new makeup purchases!)

Here’s a recap of my October on Instagram: 


You can find me here, or as “raincoatesbeauty”

Are you obsessed with Instagram too? Leave me your links in the comments!


Soft Cut-Crease & Peach Shimmer – Full Face Tutorial

This is a twist on the cut-crease, rather than a super sharp/defined crease, it’s more diffused! I paired it with a peachy-pink sparkly eye, and a soft nude lip.

Products used:

  • Smashbox 24hr Eyelid Primer
  • Smashbox Photofilter Powder
  • Stila Smudgestick “Damsel”
  • Lorac Pro 3 Palette
  • Kat Von D Lock It Concealer
  • Revlon Eye Art “Peach Prism”
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner “Trooper”
  • Absolute NY Micro Liner
  • Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
  • Kiss Fake Lashes and Ardell Lash Glue
  • Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer
  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation mixed with Vichy Dermablend
  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick to contour
  • Pur Strobing Kit to highlight
  • Pur Glow Together Bronzer
  • Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette
  • Lorac “Spectra” blush
  • MAC “Subculture” Lip liner
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks in “Crush” and “Pure Hollywood”

Brushes were all Morphe from the Morphe Me subscription (don’t forget, we both get a free brush if you join through my link!) and the My Makeup Brush Set Oval brushes!