Tarte Limited-Edition Blush Bazaar Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

Tarte recently launched this holiday season’s limited edition blush palette – 8 shades of blushes and 2 highlighters for $57 CAD!

The breakdown: 

  • $57 CAD
  • 8 blushes (0.084 oz/ 2.4 g each)
  • 2 highlighters (0.084 oz/ 2.4 g each)

It features Tarte’s Amazonian clay blush formula – one of my personal favourite blush formulas on the market – in a double-sided palette with an array of tones.

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Sephora 2017 VIB Rouge Sale – Wishlist

It’s that eagerly anticipated time of the year – the Sephora holiday sale! If you’re a VIB Rouge member, you’ve likely already received your sale cards in the mail or eMail.

The holiday season is typically the most launch-heavy season, with endless amounts of gift sets, limited edition packaging, and holiday products. With so many exciting launches, it can be hard to decide what to buy.
For this year’s holiday sale, I cultivated a list of the most recent/noteworthy launches, along with value sets I definitely think are worth the price. These are all products I personally have my eye on – and all are from cruelty free brands (because it’s 2017, and testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary.)

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London 2017

I spent a week in London back in April, and it was even more beautiful than I hoped. I was so amazed at how much contrast could exist in a city. From the Tower of London with its cobblestone paths and history to SoHo with its rich urban culture, there was always something interesting and beautiful to see. I really wanted my travel video to capture that, so I tried to include clips of all the things I found beautiful and interesting – you can see London through my eyes.

I hope you enjoy, and I can’t wait to go back!

Morphe Me Subscription – October Brush Review

This post was supposed to be up on October 14th, but sadly I failed to realize the post didn’t automatically publish properly while I was in Disneyworld. Oh well, better late than never, right? 

October’s Morphe Me brush package features an exclusive, limited edition pink brush set to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer research. It features 5 gorgeous pink brushes – 2 for face, and 3 for eyes.

  • PK14 Tapered Powder
  • PK4 Contour Blush
  • PK45 Angle Brow
  • PK36 Tapered Blending
  • PK524 Oval Shadow

    PK14 Tapered Powder:  (natural hair bristles) this large, fluffy brush has a tapered tip and long bristles. It’s not very dense, making it great for powder products such as loose powder, blush, or a natural contour. Despite it’s fluffiness, the shape of the brush allows you to build up product as much as you’d like. I personally love a brush like this to apply blush, and that’s what I’ve been using it for everyday!

    PK4 Contour Blush: (natural hair bristles) this brush has a slanted, tapered edge and is a great midpoint between fluffy and dense. It’s dense enough that it picks up and deposits powder products such as blush very easily, but fluffy enough that it also blends the product seamlessly into the skin without leaving patches or streaks. A shape like this is great to apply blush or contour, because its slanted edge fits right into the natural contour of the cheek!  

    PK45 Angle Brow: I personally believe you can never have enough brow or liner brushes. Unless you’re a normal person (unlike me.) This brush is thin and angled, making it ideal for creating nice sharp lines. You could use this to shape and fill the brows with powder or cream – lately I’ve been using it with my Wunderbrow! It also works great with a pomade style product like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow. A brush with this shape works really well for eyeliner – I always use a brush like this with a small amount of a dark brown shadow to create a natural looking eyeliner!

    PK36 Tapered Blending: (natural bristles) this is another crease blending brush – which by now, I don’t really need any more of, however it does mean I don’t have to clean mine as often. I mean, what? This fluffy brush has long bristles and a tapered tip, so it fits perfectly into the crease to blend. I use a brush like this everytime I do makeup, no matter how simple or intense the makeup look. It’s my go-to type of brush for beginning any eye look – I always use it to blend a neutral transition shade into the crease area.

    PK524 Oval Shadow: (natural bristles) this is the best friend to any blending brush. A flat brush like this paired with a fluffier blending brush like the PK36 creates the perfect duo for a simple makeup look. Compared to the PK36 which is better for larger blending, the PK524 is better for depositing colour or blending it in a more precise area.

    My favourite part of this month’s brushes, however, happens to be the packaging. Limited edition pink handles with a gold heel and gold writing? I pretty much want to display these on my vanity forever because they’re so gorgeous.

    If you’re thinking of joining the Morphe Me brush subscription ($30+ worth of brushes every month for $20 USD and free shipping!) you get a free brush when you join here!

     You have until the 22nd of each month to order, but if you join after and want a previous months brushes you can redeem your points for them! 

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    Doing My Boyfriends Makeup

    Morphe Me Subcription – September Brush Review

    Doing My Boyfriends Makeup

    So I somehow convinced my boyfriend to let me do his makeup. On camera…and publish it on the World Wide Web. Naturally, I had to go all in. Gold smokey eye, big fake lashes, contour, and a bright red lip. Since today is National Boyfriend Day, I figured it was the perfect day to share it with you!
    He was such a good sport – in fact, he was more still and patient than many of the clients I’ve worked on.

    Make sure to give the video a thumbs up if you want him to do my makeup next!


    The key products used were the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette, the new Lise Watier Teint Velours foundation and powder, the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Skin Twinkle Vol. II palette, and the new limited edition Tarte Blush Bazaar palette! All products are listed in the video!


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    Morphe Me Subcription – September Brush Review

    Morphe Me Subcription – September Brush Review

    cannot believe it’s already mid September! While I’m in definite shock and disbelief at how quickly time is passing, a new month always excites me as it means new Morphe Me brushes!

    This month’s package is inspired by ending Summer with a “splash” – with allusions to the ocean and The Little Mermaid.


    It comes with 4 brushes – 1 face and 3 eye brushes.

    • E6 Flat Buffer
    • M576 Pointed Blender
    • M577 Jumbo Crease
    • M578 Pencil Crease

    E6 Flat Buffer: This mid-sized, flat topped foundation brush has synthetic bristles, making it great for liquid or powder. It’s somewhat dense, so you could easily build light to medium coverage with this. A brush like this is great for buffing product into the skin with circular motions. I love using a brush with this type of a shape to buff mineral or loose powder-foundations into the skin. The bristles are super soft and don’t feel scratchy on the skin. You could also use this to blend/soften your contour! I also love using a brush like this to press powder onto the skin (pushing rather than buffing) to add extra coverage to problem areas during a breakout. It helps set your concealer and amp up your coverage!

    M576 Pointed Blender: This fluffy crease blending brush is made with Sable bristles and has an elongated teardrop shape. The fluffiness paired with the tapered, pointed tip makes it great for blending shadows into your crease or softening colours. It’s not dense, so it really will work better to blend colour than to deposit colour. I use a brush with a shape like this every single day – usually taking a neutral brown (or any neutral colour thats a couple shades darker than your skin tone) and gently buff this along my crease. This adds definition and allows you to enhance or alter your eye shape!

    M577 Jumbo Crease: this big, dense brush has Sable bristles and a pointed tip. This is a great brush to have if you like doing cut creases, smokey eyes, or just want something precise yet larger to blend and build up shading in your outer corner/crease area. If your eyes are smaller or more deep set you may prefer a brush on the smaller size. The density of this brush makes it better for depositing and lightly blending colour, rather than diffusing and softening colour.

    M578 Pencil Crease: I consider this the little sister to the M577. It also has Sable bristles and is similar in shape, but much smaller. It’s great for a precise cut crease, or is a fantastic option if you have smaller or deep set eyes. It’s very soft, so also works well to shade around the lower lash line, apply a highlight to the inner corner, or any other precision work you may desire!

    Overall, I think this is a great set for those needing some basic eye brushes. I do love all of them, and needed another face buffing brush, however my collection has now grown so large that I don’t really need more crease blending brushes.

    If you’re thinking about joining the subscription, you get a free brush if you join through my link here! 





    August 2017 On Instagram

    I’m convinced August didn’t actually happen because I swear I blinked and it passed by in a second. Can you believe it’s already close to the end of 2017!? Not that I’m complaining, 2017 has been a dreadfully comedic crapstorm for global events.

    Luckily Instagram always tends to cheer me up – here’s a recap of my month on Instagram!

    August 2017 on isnta


    You can find me here, or as “raincoatesbeauty” on the app!



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    Morphe Me Brush Subscription – August 2017 Review

    Morphe’s August brush package is a summer-themed “bag of sweets.” It features 3 rose gold brushes – 2 for face, and 1 for eyes.
    This month’s brushes are:

    • R14 Round Contour
    • R7 Deluxe Pointed Powder
    • R39 Tapered Eyeshadow Blending


    (Left to right: R7, R14, R39) 

    R14 Round Contour: (Natural hair bristles) this rounded brush has a domed, slightly tapered tip. It’s ideal for powder, such as setting the under eyes, baking, or contouring. I personally love a brush like this for setting my under eye concealer, as it sets it lightly without adding too much powder, and fits perfectly around the contours of the eye! It’s similar in shape to the E48 (which is one of my all time favourite brushes) but the R14 is definitely a bit more dense, and much more rounded.

    (Left to right: E48, R14, R7) 

    R7 Deluxe Pointed Powder: (natural hair bristles) this larger, fluffy brush has a flattened shape that tapers to a bit of an angle. It’s pretty much a perfect dupe for the MAC 150 Large Powder Brush. The MAC 150 was one of my all time favourite brushes (when I used to buy and endorse MAC products, though I no longer do that due to their animal testing practices.) A brush with a shape like this is perfect for applying bronzer, powder, or blush. I personally use it every day for bronzer, as it applies it naturally yet gives you control for a more contoured look. It also works beautifully to apply a soft dusting of blush to the cheeks.

    (Left to right: Real Techniques #100, Morphe M551, R7, Mac 150) 

    R29 Tapered Eyeshadow Blending: (natural hair bristles) this small eyeshadow brush has a flat shape and is a combination of firm and fluffy. I personally find this much better for blending or adding colour to the crease rather than packing on colour to the lids. It also works nicely as a precise brush to highlight the cheekbones, brow bones, cupids bow, etc. It’s nearly identical to the M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff, and the MAC 217 (though the R29 has longer bristles and is a bit more flat.) Eyeshadow brushes in a shape like this are a must-have in my opinion, though I’ve accumulated quite a few of this shape now and don’t really need anymore.


    (Left to right: M433, R7, MAC 217) 
    Overall, I think this month’s is a good package with some basic necessities. I am a huge sucker for Rose Gold anything, and the brushes are very soft. However, I wish I had skipped this month – not due to quality of the brushes – but simply due to the brushes being made of goat hair. I try to avoid using any animal products now, especially in cosmetics. I sadly missed the skip date. If you prefer to use synthetic brushes like I do (for ethical reasons) then you will definitely want to skip this month.
    If you’re thinking of joining, you get a free brush when you join here through my link
    *this post is not sponsored or endorsed* 

    Kylie Cosmetics Send Me More Nudes Velvet Liquid Lipstick – Vacation Collection Review


    Whether you’re a Jenner/Kardashian fan or not, Kylie Cosmetics has been very hard to ignore. Her launches “broke” the internet multiple times – site crashes, selling out within minutes, and more. Her limited edition collections are highly anticipated, and this Summer’s collection was no exception! These items are currently sold out (as of July 11th, 2017) but are supposed to be restocked soon.

    Kylie Jenner’s 2017 Vacation Summer collection includes 12 different items – liquid lipsticks, lip kits, an eyeshadow palette, face palettes, loose highlighting powders, and more.

    While I wanted everything in the collection, I restrained myself to just the Send Me More Nudes Velvet Liquid Lipstick bundle.


    Cost: $45 USD (approximately $58 Canadian) they’ve recently had a few free shipping promotions, which is when I purchased! If you live in Canada you will likely have to pay a duties/customs fee sadly – I was charged $13. Though considering many high-end lipsticks range from $25-$40 individually, I do think 4 lipsticks for $58 CAD is still a pretty good deal.

    Packaging: The packing is a gorgeous matte beigey/gold, with the standard Kylie drip. I’m a sucker for limited edition packaging, and I think these look gorgeous on my shelf next to the Koko Collection!  The doe-foot applicator is on the smaller side, making it perfect for filling in and shaping the lips nice and precisely.

    The Shades: Send Me More Nudes comes with 4 nude-toned shades:

    • “Birthday Suit” – a warm, brown-toned beige. This is my least-favourite shade from the bundle, and also (in my opinion) the least universally-flattering. Such a warm nude can be difficult to pull off unless you’ve got more of a warm complexion or a medium to deep skintone.
    • “Commando” – described as a “terracotta beige” though it shows up a little more pink on my skintone.
    • “Naked” – described as a “sandy beige” though I think of this is as a “true nude” for fair skin tones. It’s mid-toned, and more neutral than Birthday Suit.
    • “Bare” – a pink-toned nude beige. This is by far my favourite of the bundle, and the most flattering on my skin tone. The blue undertone will make the teeth appear whiter, whereas warm-toned lipsticks can make the teeth appear a bit more yellow.

    kylie swatches with names

    Formula: I initially debated the Velvets vs. the Mattes, but after reading reviews I opted for the Velvets – my lips are always so dry, I rarely ever wear the tons of matte liquid lipsticks I already own. I’m so impressed with the Velvet Liquid Lipstick formula. It’s still super long wearing (even after wiping off it leaves a stain behind) and dries to what I would describe as a natural or a satin-matte. It doesn’t make your lips look crepey and corpse-like, and is more smoothing than the Mattes. This formula won’t be quite as smudge or kiss-proof, but is a much more comfortable option if matte liquid lipsticks usually make you feel like you’ve coated your lips with cement. If you’ve tried the Revlon Ultra HD mattes, the formula reminds me a bit of those!

    They also smell amazing. It’s the traditional vanilla cupcake type of scent that’s reminiscent of lipglosses from our childhood.

    While I’m a bit disappointed in how Birthday Suit appears on my skin (brown-toned nudes make me look slightly dead) it does mix really well with other shades. I’ll mix this with some of the grey-toned liquid lipsticks to neutralize the tones and create custom colours!

    Overall I’m really impressed with the formula – though I’ve loved all the Kylie lip products I’ve tried so far. I’m definitely glad I added these to my collection!


    June 2017 On Instagram

    june on insta 2017.jpg

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer so far! June was a bit of a speed bump in my attempted no-buy. Okay, I’m never really on a no-buy, it’s more like a “try to resist buying everything.” I couldn’t resist the new Velvet liquid lipsticks from the Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection, and I’ve been on a major skincare kick recently! You can see the new products I’ve purchased recently on my Instagram! 

    Are you addicted to Instagram too? Leave me your links in the comments!

    You can find me here, or as “raincoatesbeauty” on the App!


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